What to Expect

We honor our roots with traditional songs and hymns. However, our progressive side breaks through in the form of newer praise music. We have three choirs that take turns singing during the worship service and often have guest musicians share their God-given talents with us.

We believe that there are many people better able to learn about Jesus when they are fully caffeinated. We have coffee and light refreshments available on Sunday Mornings and encourage everyone to feel comfortable bringing coffee to their seats during worship.

We want you to be comfortable when you come to worship. Feel free to dress as you see fit. We are just glad that you have chosen to join us.

The people of Otterbein are warm, welcoming, love to laugh, and serious about living out their faith without taking themselves too seriously. Our people are our greatest asset as a church and we think that you will be blessed when you meet them.

We love our children in worship! We also understand that kids learn better about Jesus in ways that are tailored specifically to their age group. They are included in the Sunday morning worship. After that, they may go to their age level class or continue in worship with their families.

PUPPETS: The fourth Sunday of each month our worship service is tailored toward our kids. The children’s choir and the puppets perform music and skits that teach valuable life lessons to both kids and adults.

Pastor Matt brings the Bible to life in really understandable ways, challenging us to follow Jesus more deeply. His preaching is passionate, reverent, sometimes light-hearted and connects to the lives of real people trying to live faith in an increasingly complex world.

Communion is a sacrament, or sacred practice, that we celebrate the first Sunday of the month. It consists of bread and grape juice and is a way that we remember and take part in the great sacrifice that Jesus made for all people. The United Methodists have long used grape juice instead of the traditional wine because we want those struggling with alcohol addiction to be able to take communion. The table is open to all believers.