Mosaic Details

On December 3, 2020, we defined our ministry area as
North: Rt 172 Tuscarawas
West: Rt 800 Cleveland
South: Rt 212/Sandy Hill/Dover Zoar
West: Rt 21 Erie

New Insite reports:

Top 10 Mosaic Segments represented in our ministry area:
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Q64 Golden Year Guardians – Town Elders (12.2%)
I31 Family Union – Blue Collar Comfort (9.4%)
E21 Thriving Boomers – Unspoiled Splendor (8.5%)
I30 Family Union – Stockcars and State Parks (7.9%)
M44 Families in Motion – Red, White and Bluegrass (7.7%)
J34 Autumn Years – Aging in Place (7.2%)
E20 Thriving Boomers – No Place Like Home (6.0%)
J36 Autumn Years – Settled and Sensible (5.7%)
O51 Singles and Starters – Digital Dependents (4.8%)
D15 Suburban Style – Sports Utility Families (4.3%)

Mission Impact Guide (all mosaics)