Jennifer Huddleston

How long have you been at Otterbein?
I have always attended Otterbein, as my family were members when I was born. Therefore, I grew up attending Otterbein.

What brought you here in the first place?
My mom and dad as an infant.

Tell me about your family.
I am single but have many friends. Along with my mom, I have 2 siblings with their spouses. I also have 2 nephews, 3 nieces along with 2 great nephews and a great niece.

What are your hobbies/recreational interests?
I like to knit, bake and cook. I also do traditional rug hooking, enjoy dying material to use in my rugs, and do silk painting. I love to learn new things and try them.

What is your favorite quote?
I have two of them. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” and “There are no free lunches, look to where or who is giving and what is there reason.”

What was your first job?
Working for a craft store in Massillon (they are out of business now).

What is your proudest moment?
Receiving my medical coding credential and buying my home all by myself.

What was your childhood ambition?
To travel the world and learn the culture.

What inspires you?
Seeing individuals doing what they love and enjoying it. Also teaching someone a new skill or hobby and seeing the moment they realize they got it and see them smile with delight.

What has God been teaching you lately?
Patience and persistence. Learning to wait is hard for me. Learning that what I want is not always the right path. I am constantly reminding myself that if it is what God wants then it will come to be.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Key Lime pie with unsweetened ice tea while relaxing on a beach or near a lake.

What do you like most about serving?
Seeing and helping Otterbein grow and change in a positive ways. I also enjoy seeing people “light up” when asked to help or do a project, small or large, that no one has asked before to help and see the joy it brings to them. Serving is about people and doing for others and seeing the joy it can bring.