8 Powerful Prayers for My Son

Dawn Wilson

One of the greatest privileges parents have is to pray for their children. There are many kinds of prayers parents can pray, and at different stages of their child’s life. 

Here are eight prayers parents might pray for their sons.

1. A Prayer for My Unborn Son

Dear God,

Thank You for this baby boy — not yet born, but known and wonderfully designed by You. Just as You set apart the prophet Jeremiah from the womb for Your purposes, You have a plan for this little one too. Every day of his life has been prepared for Your purposes. I pray You will put a hedge of protection around this child in the womb. 

I pray for the day You have ordained him to be born. I ask you to ease concerns or anxieties about going through childbirth, and bring strength and peace. I pray the birth process will be smooth. 

Your Word tells me that every offspring is a heritage and reward from You. I am so eager to meet this little one, God. Thank you for this new little person in the womb.


2. A Prayer for My Infant Son


Thank you for this miracle. As I count every finger and toe, and stroke my baby boy’s forehead, I am overwhelmed with love and a great sense of responsibility. Because of him, my life and future are altered — and already, I can’t imagine life without him. He is pure innocence and potential. Thank you for this incredible, precious gift. I pray that you will strengthen and bless him from head to toe! I ask You to help his body develop according to Your plans, and I pray for health, protection, and even peaceful sleep. 

I pray You will bring support to help me in times of need. Help me make wise choices to cooperate with You in protecting my little boy now, and as I make plans to guide him as he grows. I want to be sensitive to Your leading, Lord, and vigilant to obey you as his parent. I want to give this baby the best possible life and training, and I know I can do nothing apart from You. I am glad that my son and his future are in Your hands.


3. A Prayer for My Growing Son

Father God,

You know what it is like to raise a son. Help me be a good parent like You. Give me compassion and understanding toward my young son when he makes childish mistakes; and help me discipline him in love when dealing with sinful attitudes and actions. I pray You will give my son a teachable spirit. I pray he will — like Jesus as a boy — mature in body and spirit, blessed by both You and those who observe his life. 

I pray he will not only grow to know about You, but also believe in you and learn at a young age how to follow, listen to, and obey You. I pray he will obey immediately, completely, and with the right attitudes. Help me teach him Your Word, and how to store it in his heart. I pray Your Word will fill his heart and transform his life as he grows, and that You will bless him.

Give him a heart for holiness even in his youth; and show him how to deal with temptations and peer pressure quickly and with wisdom. Protect him body and soul, and teach him to guard his thoughts. I pray that when he gets caught doing wrong, he will repent quickly. But also, when he does what is right, help me notice and praise what is good and valuable in his words and actions, especially when he loves and serves others. 

I ask you to give my son encouraging, healthy friendships and a growing sense of purpose in this world.  And if you want him to be married someday, I pray that his wife will be a godly woman of purity and noble character, specially prepared for him.


4. A Prayer for My Son Setting Out on His Own (College or Career)

Lord Jesus,

You have watched over my son for so many years, and now he is striking out on his own — but he is not alone. Your presence will continue in his life. I pray for so many things as he leaves our home on these new adventures. Give him wisdom and discernment in the new choices he will make, and help him listen to wise counsel. Grant him courage to stand firm for righteousness.

I pray he will have a good work ethic. No matter where he goes or what he does, I pray that You will continue to develop his leadership skills. Make him a man of vision and high purpose, Lord, and help him lead with compassion, grace, and humility.

I pray my son’s reputation will be one that honors You—that he will have good character and integrity. I pray he will be honest and truthful. Help him be calm when tempted to let his temper flare. I know You measure success by faithfulness, so I pray my son will be faithful to You and to Your calling on His life, that he will bring You glory, and that You will establish the work of his hands.


5. A Prayer for My Son’s Faith

Precious Lord,

I pray for my son’s salvation and his spiritual walk. I know we cannot force our sons to embrace faith, but I can encourage it and pray for it, and share the truth of the Word of God with him. I pray that his faith will not rest in man’s wisdom, but in Your power.

I pray he will have ears to hear, eyes to see, a mind to understand, and a heart that is prepared to receive the truth of Scripture. I pray that he will come to love You more than life itself, and live by faith.

Guide him in Your truth, and teach him to walk in Your ways. I pray he will set his mind on things above, and not be distracted by things that won’t matter in eternity. And if my son strays, Lord, I pray You will draw him back with compassion and mercy.


6. A Prayer for My Son’s Strength and Courage

Mighty God, 

These are perilous days with many reasons to fear, but You are with us, and I pray my son will learn to rely on Your presence and power. When he feels afraid, I pray You will make Yourself known to Him.

I pray You will make my son strong and courageous to do the work You have called him to do. Give him strong leadership skills—a spirit of leadership that others will recognize—so he can lead people to do great exploits for You and to stand against evil.

I pray my son will take up the armor You have provided to fight his battles in Your strength, not his own. When he feels weak, remind him that he can be strong in You. I pray he will be strong in fighting temptations, and courageous to walk in Your ways so he will prosper. And God, I pray my son will become a powerful witness for You, not ashamed of Jesus or the Gospel. 


7. A Prayer for My Married Son


I’m thankful You brought my son a wife — a “good thing” — and I pray they will love You and desire to serve You in their marriage. As they each draw closer to You, I know they will be drawn closer to each other. Build their communication skills and help them learn to trust and encourage each other. Strengthen the bonds of their marriage through every circumstance of life.

I pray my son will be a godly husband, and that he will lead his wife in love. I pray he will exhibit all the characteristics of Christ in their marriage—compassion, tenderness, loyalty, and so much more. I pray he will lead her tenderly, as the “weaker vessel.” Make him grateful for this wonderful gift from You.

Protect their marriage bed in these wicked days. I pray their marriage will be a strong example to others in the family and in the church community. Please provide for all they need.


8. A Prayer for My Son as He Becomes a Father

Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for blessing my son and his wife with a child. I pray he will learn from You what it looks like to be a good father. I pray You will give him endless patience in the days ahead, and help him discipline his child with truth and compassion. Give my son wisdom and humility to parent this child’s unique heart and personality.

I pray he will be a good provider for his family, and a safe place for them. Give my son biblical priorities, and show him how he can continue to support his wife in their parenting. I pray their children will learn what true love looks like in their choices and responses.

Father, make my son a man of prayer who leads his children by example “in word and deed.” I pray he will direct his children and his household in Your ways and manage his household well as a refuge for his family.